Art Medical Platform personalized nutrition management ICU System


Intensive care units cater to patients with severe or life-threatening illnesses and injuries, which require constant care, close supervision from life support equipment and medication in order to ensure normal bodily functions. They are staffed by highly trained physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists who specialize in caring for critically ill patients. ICUs are also distinguished from general hospital wards by a higher staff-to-patient ratio and to access to advanced medical resources and equipment that is not routinely available elsewhere. Yet again not all vital signs are monitored continuously and with the necessary accuracy. Art Medical has recognized this gap and set as a target to develop the technologies products and algorithms that collects data, process it and either set an alert or automatically act. ... Read More The smART platform focuses on personalized nutrition management and real time decreased kidney function. Tiko joined Art Medical at early stages of development, providing the company with its analysis of the ICU environment and the significant balances of space, machinery, users and workflow. From these findings we took part in the development and styling of the first platform led by Eliachar, providing Art with an iconic product with a state of the art UX and an "in-a-glance" clear patient status.

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As the company advanced, we took the lead of creating a design language that resonates through all the systems components creating a solid yet distinct line of products.


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