Axxana Disaster-proof data storage solutions

Project Highlights

  • $14 M raised in cooperation with Oracle


Axxana offers enterprise data recording (EDR) solutions with preventive data loss, delivered in a protective black box envelope. Its proof storage and rapid recovery solutions are deployed in major data centers across the globe. ... Read More Our work focused on leveraging the product’s design possibilities that deliver an elegant-yet-durable outer shell, creating a monolith container that echoes the company’s new paradigm for disaster recovery scenarios. Our external design led to key internal reconfigurations, ultimately increasing ventilation areas, dictating wheel locks, adding lift-support beams, and stacking option. A series of ripple lines soften the overall look, heightened by ribs, floating radiuses, and accurate positioning of lighting for a resilient heavy-duty effect. We extended our services to also assist in the making of the preliminary modes, accompanying the creation of this mighty storage solution with a design look and feel that reassures nothing is left to chance, a product built to sustain business continuity in any scenario.


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