Backlife Continuous motion back therapy


  • Over a million and a half units sold


Two decades ago, a young entrepreneur step into our studio with a personal experience and a global vision. His father, a Boing 747 carrier pilot, suffered from severe backpain and grounded. While trying to mimic the physical therapist's mobilization that brought his father some relief, he placed his legs on a back of a chair and gently pulled it forward. With a clear understanding that 80% of grownups suffer from lower backpain sometimes in their lives, he patented the basic concept and pursued a partner to make his dream come true. For over two years we operated as the R&D arm of this single person startup reaching the point of passing feasibility and efficacy trials, leading to a successful fundraising round that enabled the company to base a full-scale development and marketing team. We have continued to take part in the development of additional products for the company and to take an active part in their business development through innovation program.


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