Cardo HJC Motorcycle Helmet Communication System

Project Highlights

  • $25 M investment by Fortissimo at $40 M valuation

  • World's first Natural Language control


Since 2005, Cardo has pioneered communication headsets for motorcyclists and riders, empowering people on the move to remain in touch in a safe and user-friendly manner. Cardo revolutionized the experience of group rides, from phone calls, through bike-to-bike intercom, GPS instructions, and music shared together. ... Read More Tiko has served Cardo for over two decades, in a long line of products that synthesize user-friendly functionality, safety, and stylish appearance. We defined the brand’s design language, applied across generations, and introduced the systems’ iconic popup antenna, a pivotal design choice that gave the company its edge while also tripling the products’ communication range. Extensive material and morphology research resulted in Cardo’s differentiated look and feel, while also improving product usability through button placing, cradle size, safety deflector, and more. We continuously offer the company a feature bank, and a slew of ideas that enable the products to evolve. We embedded Cardo technology as an ultra slim communication component tucked into HJC full faced helmets. The product was split in two, by designing the thin control unit and a concealed rear mounted unit. Buttons and user interface were optimized for spontaneous intercom conversations.

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    • Product Strategy
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