CBeyond Disposable miniature imaging

Project Highlights

  • 1.9B$ Acquired by Olympus


Miniature viewing systems attached to endoscopes and catheter tips Cbyond enables new visualization capacities that advance minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Its disposable endoscopic front-ends convert digital data into standard video format, and send images in real-time from the deepest crevices of the anatomy.

For over two decades, our body of work for Cbyond focused on ongoing design and manufacturing, alongside extensive work as product strategists and innovation specialists. Tiko was part of Cbyond’s research and development arm, throughout the company’s evolution and after it was acquired by Olympus. We helped conceptualize new applications for the company’s technology, creating the breadth and scale of innovation that expanded key opportunities with a stream of ideas that challenged traditional surgical practices and visualization standards. Here are some examples.

Our long-term involvement with Cbyond started off with its camera control unit, designed and redesigned across generations. One of our major contributions includes an all-in-one endoscopic plug-and-play solution, delivered as four distinct systems, including table-top, pole cart, arm, and ruggedized, targeting the different medical disciplines of urology, gynecology, ENT, and veterinary. Another key product was an endoscopic console that consolidates standalone devices within one unified cart, neatly housing the different devices and wiring, to enable easy control and monitoring using a simplified panel and a separate screen.

We initiated internal LED illumination, moving the lighting unit onto the rod itself, as part of the endoscope’s working channel. An additional micro-miniature optical lens was also fitted onto an existing endocam, to enter into new dimensions of visualization. We conceptualized an automatic bladder scanner that generates internal panoramic imaging of the entire organ, for precision anatomic data, including fusion layering of fluoroscopic data.

We went on to conceptualize a generic handle for numerous types of endoscope heads, reusable and disposable, operated with a wheel button and connected to a cable from the front instead of the traditional rear where it often interferes. Our focus was also placed on screen types and positioning, from on-patient portable monitors placed beside the trocar for surgeon’s direct line of sight, instead of raising their heads towards a distant monitor, to iPhone displays, 3D-goggles, and more. Future OR concepts were also envisioned, which have centralized service and control, different wifi endoscope modules were created, and a super HD image scope with a flexible camera was explored, to revolutionize common rigid lenses and offer a new working paradigm.

  • Working with Tiko in the two decades, allowed us to bring high quality products both from usability and UI aspects, and obviously product with superior industrial design. The quality of the products convinced Olympus management to use Tiko as their designer as well.

    Doron Adler, CTO, Olympus North America


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