Clearpath Rapid cleansing of poorly prepared colons

Project Highlights

  • Acquired by Novo GI


Attached to the side of a standard colonscope, ClearPath is a self-propelled irrigation-suction device that salvages a poorly prepped bowel. It rapidly cleanses the colon before procedures, and dramatically minimizes high cancellation rates often caused by this key deterrent. ... Read More We first designed the attachment system of the disposable irrigator, using special bands that do not hinder the procedure or affect its sequence. Next, we set out to work on the reusable control cabinet that supplies water flow and vacuum control. Our use case insight dictated a compact and mobile cart, which also houses the bottles, disposables, and pedal as part of a complete product set that is easily moved around as a single unit between treatment rooms, and height controlled. Our design perception broadened the market offer from disposables into a capital equipment solution.

  • ClientEasyglide
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