Compulab Compact fanless PCs


CompuLab’s passive-cooling stimulates heat-exchange and airflow without any moving parts. Reaching out to us to revamp the outer shell design, our work mainly involved styling, based on our product strategy that sought to give this PC a high-end design. ... Read More The company’s airflow technology, NAF, dictates much of the PC’s morphology, and we were challenged to work around some strict constraints, on an all-aluminum casing. To match the PC’s high perceived value, our design was inspired by large-scale mainframe computers, architecture, and textures that relaxed the PCs monolith design. The side panel opens in a simple clamshell mechanism, to replace internal components with ease-of-use. By catering to small nuances and detailed features, such as built-in diagnostic LEDs, we were also able to refresh the user experience for this high-end silent operator.

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