Dune Intraoperative real-time probe

Project Highlights

  • 61% reduction in re-excisions Leaded by platform


In a joint-journey spanning almost two decades, we have served our client with a broad line of design solutions and innovation insights around their flagship product, MarginProbe, an RF Spectroscopy platform that differentiates in real time cancerous from healthy tissue, significantly reducing redetection and re-excision. ... Read More Our design research into the work environment, use cases, human engineering, and medical device functionality produced a true platform solution that focuses on empowering the surgeons' decision making From feature enhancements, regulatory adjustments, and procedural optimization, to innovation designs and product differentiation, we impacted the development of this smart device, from critical decisions such as probe articulation or tabletop design, to the entire user interface, console, visual procedural quick guides, sensors, connectors, pull cart, packaging, and more. Our studio is proud to offer the full scope of product design services that answers to the ever evolving needs of our long-term client.

  • ClientDune Medical
  • expertise
    • Product Strategy
    • Product Styling
    • Product GUI
    • UX
    • Innovation Projects
    • Human Engineering


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