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Earwax impaction is a wide spread phenomenon affecting over 60% of seniors and 10% of children. It is the primary cause of temporary, treatable loss of hearing. The removal and management of earwax can be challenging and requires regular visits to a health care professional. The innovative EarWay® has a unique Open Profile, its helical head has a cavity that ensures engulfing the earwax in one plug while avoiding pushing it towards the eardrum. As all current solutions penetrate the earwax, this disruptive approach enables a safe, effective and fast removal. The EarWay® device is based on the same clinically proven, innovative, patented technology as the EarWay®Pro with a flexible coated helical head, for easy navigation in the ear canal. The EarWay® is designed for both health care providers and home use,either independently or by a family member or carer.

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  • Tiko Studio’s strong creative approach with EARWAYS’s understanding of the Hearing Care Market have optimized the fit of EarWay® to the clear unmet need of consumers for a simple, safe and effective tool for earwax removal. Designing success takes out of the box thinking resulting in breakthrough solutions and technologies.

    Yael Karlin, CEO

With an easy “release with a twist” mechanism, the EarWay® has a dial that enables the user to insert the flexible tip and reach the appropriate place within the ear. When the device enters the ear, it collects the earwax. The swivel dial will ensure the tip stops at a pre-defined distance from the eardrum. When removing the device, the earwax is withdrawn in a single cluster.

Boosted by an inherent medical demand and backed by clinical evidence, the Company benefits from a team of world-class experts in bioengineering, medical devices, ear surgery, hearing loss and rehabilitation. Together with our experienced entrepreneurs, with vast business and marketing knowhow, EARWAYS MEDICAL is positioned to transform accessible ear care.


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