Sali Full critical aid system


Inovytec specializes in developing and marketing innovative solutions for out-of-hospital medical emergencies enabling to dramatically increase efficient treatment to patients undergoing medical emergency event. Inovytec’s solutions are designed to save lives where the first few minutes are crucial, and dramatically increase the survivability chances of out-of-hospital emergency victims. ... Read More SALI is a new-breed solution for respiratory and cardiac emergencies. It is a full critical first aid solution that creates a virtual hospital environment at the scene and significantly increases the effectiveness of the medical treatment. SALI creates synergy between non-invasive airway management, automated oxygen therapy and defibrillation.

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When Inovytec approached us with the SALI project we worked simultaneously on three aspects that were crucial for turning this new concept into a lifesaving product: We analyzed the major use-cases and listed both the needs and what will the product be judged upon; We developed the form of the product to match the scenarios and the interaction between a patient and a random activator; We developed the infrastructure of the User Interface flow and created a concept that answered the challenging need of a zero learning curve GUI and use.

Together with the Inovytec team we balanced between additional features and needed simplicity; We simulated different component arrangements focusing on eye contact, monitor position and clear physical approach to the patient; We perfected the human engineering of the non-invasive airway head positioning cushion. Form is a function. Designing an iconic product was not a styling approach but a functional one. We needed to plant the presence and location of SALI in the minds of passengers at a glance. It all packed up to an eco-system solution based on the standalone unit enhanced by real time online medical support and cloud based event location and time saving analysis.


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