MST Clip Autolap Clipons and wearables

Project Highlights

  • $12.5 million raised in series C 2015

  • Acquired by Transenterix

MST Clip

MST wearables complement the company’s AutoLap solution, an image-guided robotically assisted laparoscope positioning system. Instead of a surgical assistant that holds the camera in position during minimally invasive surgery (MIS), surgeons wear a disposable wireless ring-like device that controls the AutoLap system. It captures and interprets visual laparoscopic data, coordinating the camera to point wherever the instruments go, according to the surgeon’s motions in real time. ... Read More As part of the overall product design for AutoLap, which includes multiple-use robot and positioner components, Tiko also designed the surgeon’s single-use control unit. This ergonomic wireless device straps to the surgeon’s finger, like a ring that has an ultra-responsive joystick for the scope’s remote control. The solution was reached after extensive research on two-hand vs. one-hand functions, optimal thumb vs. finger positioning, and alternative clip-on vs. strap adjusting. We devised the easy toggle between the robotic functions and modes, and catered to the ring’s styling, electronics, ergonomic fit for any finger size, mechanics, usability, manufacturing, and sterilization process.

  • ClientMST Transentrix
  • expertise
    • Product Strategy
    • Product Styling
    • UX
    • Human Engineering
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Wearable Technology
  • Tiko worked with us around the clock, literally becoming part of our R&D group, providing us with innovative solutions to the challenges we presented them with, at an uncompromising professionalism.

    Gal Atarot, VP R&D

  • I like having the option of switching between AutoLap’s different modes during the procedure

    Dr. Andreas Hackethal


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