Neuroderm Drug Delivery Pump + Filling Station

Drug delivery pump

NeuroDerm is pharmaceutical company developing next-generation treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders that will make a clinically meaningful difference in patients’ lives. NeuroDerm is the first to develop liquid levodopa (LD), the gold standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease, thus, enabling for the first time continuous sub-cutaneous (SC) administration of this drug. We Joined Eliachar in developing a convenient belt-pump (resembling the administration of insulin to diabetic patients) – allowing patients to receive continuous LD/CD therapy on a 24-hour basis, thus improving morning “off” time and ensuring a good night’s sleep. ... Read More After a vast research and observation stage we have focused on the design guidelines that tailor the product to the needs of our users. Yes, users as we do not see them as patients. Our design was user centered. Starting from measurements, through simplicity of operation and on with user experience and self-esteem. The product is on the path to the market, later to be reviled.

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