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Most of the world is at the palm of our hand. The global information has been digitized and is available to us at a glance. Our personal documents and photos are available when and wherever we are. It is our physical belongings that are yet off the grid. Whether it's the car keys that we daily look for or the passport that we just cannot remember where we left it. Pixie creates a new ecosystem that digitizes the location of our portables. It combines accurate distance and direction sensors, to a mesh communication between the tags and an on going monitoring software that allows you to either accurately locate your belongings at your close surrounding or to notify you where was it last seen. ... Read More The challenge as we analyzed it at tiko, was the fact that we all wish to have the function without the product. Though, very small and efficient, the tracker consists of electronics, energy source, antennas and even a plastic housing. As we could not make it invisible, we took the opposite approach and designed an iconic pushpin tag. All technology was taken to its edge. The electronics where compress down, the battery was tailored to the tag's shape and the plastic housing was thinned down to exotic thickness. The company came up with a great locating experience. Using augmented reality, the location is presented on the app on a live image of the environment. We have put a great effort in defining the color pallets of the tag families, out of the box experience and the accessories that support the ecosystem.

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