StemRad MD Exoskelton Supported radiation protective apron for medical teams

StemRad MD

StemRad has made personal radiation protection possible, making the lives of first responders, soldiers, astronauts, nuclear industry workers and now medical teams, safer while they complete their critical tasks. Through scientific breakthrough and innovation, StemRad has enabled shielding to save live. StemRad MD™ was developed for radiologists' medical teams that suffer from Orthopedic injuries related to wearing radiation protection aprons and are being subjected to high radiation doses to parts of their bodies that are not well protected. The product is based on a passive exoskeleton that transfers weight away from the wearer of radiation protective wearable gear, allowing complete freedom of movement. Since the user feels no weight, the shielding system provides increased radiation protection through an expanded coverage area and increased attenuation factor. ... Read More Based on the previous co-development of the Gama 360 radiation protection wearable gear, Stemrad approached us with this new challenge. It all starts with observation and documentation of the potential use cases and a crossover with the direct and secondary competition. A thorough analysis of our findings lead to a characterization scope and a decision-making parameter list upon which we have over checked the development stages.

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  • "Interventionalists have for so long suffered from back and knee injuries and are subjected to high radiation doses to parts of their bodies that are not well protected. At last, we finally have a solution that will address both of these issues and provide the comfort and protection that is necessary."

    Dr. Bruce Zwiebel, MD, FACR, FSIR

Nothing was taken as a fact when we brain-stormed a wide spectrum of preliminary ideas. Our funnel methodology narrowed down the ideas as we stepped into feasibility models stage. The exoskeleton solution was ranked high, checking the parameters. A passive exoskeleton project is a hands-on project. Ideas are tested on very basic models later refined, styled and engineered. For the protective apron challenges, we enhanced the team with the talent of our soft material and wearable arm - Nomadity

After an intense period and with our studio team acting as users, we reached the point in time to meet the Radiologists in the Cath lab for real use simulation. Our colleagues, Eliachar technologies development, had joined us for the next step of the journey on the path to a product.


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