Tymcure Solution for tympanic membrane perforation


An alternative solution for tympanoplasty (middle ear cavity surgery), using a minimally invasive device that inserts and positions a patch of engineered tissue though the ear canal. The biomaterial-based membrane serves as a scaffold for epithelial growth, which closes the perforation and treats TMP. ... Read More We worked on updating the device’s design and structure, yet our main challenge was to improve its human engineering aspects. A sequence of complex movements must be completed here, within the physiological constraints of the ear canal’s narrow curvature. By redefining the morphology of the handheld device, especially the thin long end that flows into the articulating rod, we determined the placement of the surgeon’s fingers as they operate the device using three controllers. Mechanisms were refined, for membrane insertion and placement through the perforation, and a light engine was added to enable cutting edge accuracy.

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