Upright Posture corrector and habit changing device


This wearable device, strapped to the back with adhesive, vibrates discreetly when back is slouch to encourage a straight and healthy posture. In combination with a smartphone app, Upright tracks posture statistics over time, with the aim of instilling an improved posture habit. ... Read More A set of sensors, including strain gauge, was placed in our hands to transform from potential into a market-ready product. Our styling matched technology, and design concepts determined product dimensions, while taking into consideration in-depth orientation studies performed, to define right curve and contour that echo the wearable vision. Preliminary sketches advanced the product’s crowd sourcing process, which propelled manufacturing. Resembling the natural fit of a thin patch within the curve of the back, we packed the technology as a slender device that is full of flow, accompanied by a ball-shaped charger station.

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