VisionSense Small diameter 3D-HD visualization endoscope

Project Highlights

  • $75 million Acquired by Medtronics

  • Israeli Gold Star award


VisionSense provides high-end visualization technology for neuro, arthroscopy (CE), and general surgery. It replaces 2D (monocular) endoscopes that lack depth and perception, with high definition stereoscopic (3D) visualization, delivered in miniature packaging to give surgeons enhanced tissue understanding, improved eye coordination, and the confidence to use articulating tool. Accompanying this client through two generations, a preliminary endoscope and an HD solution, we designed on the complete product packaging of both the console and endoscope handpiece. For the console, considering its rigid technological spec and given internal layout, our work focused on inserting human engineering gestures, catered to ventilation, and secured the stability of this mobile cart that also accommodates the weight of a high-rez screen on an arm. For the endoscope, to enter the sense of a handheld device, we designed several alternatives that ensure surgeons empowerment in MIS procedures of closed surgical fields.

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