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On top of our cross-disciplined skills and know how in core product design domains, we also propel forward innovation projects, are excited to take on artsy initiatives, and often also extend our involvement to find funding resources. ... Read More What matters to us most is the potential market impact of our work, so we explore, question, experiment, analyze, invent, build, validate, discover, create, refine, and are passionate about giving practical insights that expose the right solution for every challenge. Strategy and functionality guide our decisions as much as emotion, intuition, and imagination, while our multidisciplinary capacity enables us to morph any process to fit each project, aiming to maximize every product.

  • Product Strategy

    Characterization Use case studies Innovation edge exploration Market research Brand and product relationship analysis Strategic planning Unique selling point definition Business exploration.

    Our design solution rests on our market understanding of the brand and product, as a crucial component of the design process. We interpret the right context that determines the product’s existence in its market segment, and then solidify its vision, define attainable goals, and project the product’s journey forward to create the desired user experience.

    This strategic approach and business exploration focuses our work on the challenge ahead, and adjusts the team’s direction towards optimizing the outcome. We seek out the competitive advantage, identify opportunities for the product’s added-value, and define the way we can expose this edge effectively.

    Product Strategy
  • Product Styling

    Trend research Mood boards Sketch and render Digital sculpting Detail exploration Design language Color, material, and finish definition.

    The in-depth knowledge of processes and materials that we hold at Tiko, enables us to balance style and substance in our product design processes. We see the product in a larger aesthetic context, mapping out the requirements of a product’s functionality that can be exploited to create a beautifully stylish design. For complete product families, we create a visual language that generates a cohesive brand look.

    Our styling work begins with trend research, and flows into the possibilities folded within the product, by exploring the details, sketching endlessly and rendering the imagery, digital sculpting, and more. Through styling, we maximize the form, function, and ergonomic factors of the product, believing that form is a function, and design styling is a strategic priority and a source of competitive advantage that impacts bottom-line results.

    Product Styling
  • Product GUI

    Data analysis Input-output channels opportunity Data flow logics Cognitive sensibility Display real estate planning Graphics and icon design Implementation.

    Tiko teams work across physical and digital disciplines, and design effective UI for products that stabilize the combination of the two. For embedded touchscreens, graphical UI, apps, and devices, we determine the optimized user interface that is vital to the overall user experience. Our algorithmic thinking consolidates the accurate level of data exposure a user requires. We consider the channels in which they can effectively input data or action, and also receive signal output efficiently while interacting with the product.

    By studying consumer interactions associated with the data architecture, and being involved in the interface graphics that determine human-computer interactions, we simplify the user’s interaction through efficient user-centric design.

    Product GUI
  • UX

    Product intelligence Emotion research Technological manipulation Feedback feature bank Simplicity study Bio mimics Gamification.

    Our teams operate with product intelligence in mind. We aim to build products that give users maximized interaction with an excellent user experience that exceeds their expectation. This very often leads to new mechanical innovation and IP assets that we create to streamline the product’s usability, taking the product form idea to breakthrough innovation.

    By researching the end-user, developing prototypes, and validating and re-evaluating technical capacities, we design experiences that exceed expectations, generating long-term engagement to satisfy users beyond their true needs.

  • Innovation Projects

    Research infrastructure Culture oriented approach Brainstorming Asset mining Insight bank Inventing Technological fore vision Cross-verticals solutions Vision realization.

    We are truly interested in new ways to reimagine reality, and take on projects that produce ways for going further, faster, more effectively and efficiently. By translating radical ideas into products that generate new value for users, we convert forward-thinking vision into significant developments that disrupt the market.

    We apply a strong strategic mindset to explore the challenge from all angles, ideate and identify the necessary physical assets, locate the technological boundaries, and research into possible alternatives that mitigate risk, including materials and mechanics. Based on our business exploration, the work we do seeks to insert new content worlds into the product through the design, to surprise with additional values that expands the initial innovative idea of each client. The possibilities are as exciting as they are endless.

    Innovation Projects
  • Human Engineering

    Anthropometrics On site-observation Mockup preparations Use simulation study Usability documentation Ergonomics.

    A central discipline at Tiko, which crosses over to all others domains, is our human-factors engineering that coordinates product design with users’ physical working conditions and handling requirements. Drawing from behavioral, physiological, and engineering insight, we optimize both design and interface by rethinking how efficiently the device or system can be operated.

    Our role is to effectively link product-man-surrounding, on an axis that integrates good design with advanced human engineering. Our approach is a pivot of interdisciplinary research and practical application, ensuring we stretch the boundaries of how well a product fits with the user’s environment. We maximize material options and visible features with fit and comfort, for a more effective use.

    Human Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing

    Industrial design Mechanical engineering Design to cost Assembly efficiency Electronic engineering liaisons Production files Drawings Production approval Production network.

    One of our main goals is to ensure our high-end product designs can be manufactured and assembled smoothly. We consider key aspects beyond the product’s function, building prototypes that take into account engineering or manufacturing restrictions, while also finding or inventing ways to overcome this.

    We collaborate with electrical, mechanical, and software engineers to define new experiences. Our mindset is to consider the engineering aspects on the onset, in the initial stages of the product, allowing for more control over the finished product and quality.

    Design for Manufacturing
  • Wearable Technology

    Soft material Disposable solutions Bio-compatible materials Adhesive research Prototyping Small scale production Wearable devices.

    Tiko studio has established an in-house wearable technology arm, in partnership with Nomadity Wearable Technologies. Our knowledge in integrating soft materials with hard components broadens the spectrum of our solutions, by also providing advanced technologies that extend into innovative smart-textile product design, development, and manufacturing.

    From concept ideation to final product execution, our wearable technology lab is involved in conceptualization, specification, prototyping, research, and small-scale production. It is part of our studio’s creative process and market-oriented approach, enabling us to offer compelling solutions that often also break into new product categories.

    Wearable Technology
  • Creative Funding

    Incubating program Investment Business collaboration Seed partnership Funding network.

    Our role often exceeds design, since we view ourselves as key service providers to clients that may also require assistance with capital allocation and creative funding solutions.

    For us, every product is an opportunity to bring something new to the market. We can seek ways jointly, to assist in finding accessible resources and funding channels through seed partnerships or vision acceleration alliances. Moreover, at Tiko we have made it our practice to invest 10% of the studio’s annual revenues in our clients’ projects, to help see great ideas come to life.

    Creative Funding

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