Javelin Vine inserter: permanent filter for stroke prevention


Javelin Medical is dedicated to developing a new approach to stroke prevention in individuals with abnormal heart rhythm. It offers a device called Vine which is a permanent filter implanted in the carotid arteries designed to prevent strokes from occurring by intercepting such blood clots In people with AF, blood clots formed in the heart may travel through the arteries in the neck (carotid arteries) to the brain and cause stroke. The Vine™ filter intercepts these clots before they can reach the brain, thereby limiting the risk of stroke. Vine™ is implanted into the carotid arteries by a thin needle in a quick and simple procedure, which does not require general anesthesia. ... Read More We have joined the Javelin team at an early stage, assisting them with analyzing the use case, evaluating preliminary human engineering aspects of the filter inserter and visualizing preliminary ideas. As work progressed, we took part in the animal trial stage and from our observations we assisted the company in rendering the ecosystem of the future product and stabilizing the inserter system as a reusable + disposable product. We then provided Javelin with a working vision mockup that bridged the gap the new approach Javelin brings to the market. In collaboration with the in-house R&D and Eliachar teams, we took part in bringing the vision into a working product. Human engineering, styling, user experience and design for manufacturing were among our tasks. The Vine filters have already been successfully implanted in dozens of patients as part of a clinical trial and is proven to trap thrombi and preventing strokes.

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