Milestone Shoe pod pedometer

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  • Acquired by Zwift


This data-crunching device captures fitness through the feet, mounted on the laces of sport shoes. Lightweight and compact, every stride is calculated for metrics on gait and performance, while also indicating stats on shoe wear and tear and numerous data-driven perks on dedicated app. ... Read More Tiko took the client from initial product characterization to design for manufacturing, minimizing costs by 40% while maximizing product perception. This smart pod’s simplified click-and-go experience is the result of our ongoing improvement on every feature and function. We continuously drilled-down to the minutest detail, applying our know-how in wearable technology and efficient technical layering, while exploring latest materials and textures, plastic 3D molds encapsulation, and tap LED indicators. A key parameter was to place the pod’s thinner potion above the laces, and rendering a sleek look and feel while a stylized logo and slightly patterned curved groove. The product language was then also translated into the pod’s packaging. An opportunity presented itself for the client to join market-giant Qualcomm for a new wearable in-sole product, and we were chosen to lead the design. Under extremely tight-schedules, we offered several morphologies and solutions to key technical issues (such as device pairing, installing, and in-shoe battery replacement).Remaining true to our client, we worked to insert the distinct language of the Milestone pedometer, while supplying prototypes in product-grade level. Our continued relationship with the client enables us to offer our insight into the future of smart running/walking shoes, helping to drive forward wearable technology innovation.

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